My Online Portfolio

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Found a hot job prospect but now can’t find your resume? It’s hard to keep track of paperwork.

YouthWorks has a solution! We’ve created My Online Portfolio, an online companion for JumpStart Success participants to make it easy to maintain career exploration and job search documents like your resume, cover letter, list of references, and career plan.

Participants are assigned a secure online site available to them 24/7, even after the training is done. Now participants can access and update their job search and career exploration documents easily during the JumpStart Success training or anytime afterward (6 months or even a year later).

My Online Portfolio provides:

• Templates for creating a resume, reference list and career plan

• Ability to upload letters of recommendation and other documents ​

• Videos illustrating key points of the curriculum like how to dress in the workplace, workplace etiquette, how to interview successfully and how to handle challenges in the workplace.

• Resource library with a wealth of information aligned to the curriculum 

• Frequently asked questions

• Trainer Toolkit with ability to access participant progress