JumpStart Success Curriculum Overview

JumpStart Success is a comprehensive and flexible career exploration and job-readiness curriculum. This program can be successfully presented in a day-two format, over one or two weeks or throughout the course of the school year with added time for field trips, speakers and supplemental activities.

Each module identifies time estimates for exercises so you can develop a plan that works for you and your program structure. Below are examples of the modules offered.

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Module Type JumpStart Success Curriculum Exercises
Introduction Curriculum Overview , Training Objectives
Module 1 Opening, Icebreakers, Interest and Skills Inventory, Skills and Strengths Exploration, Pre-assessment
Module 2 Career Goal Setting, Exploring Careers, Setting Career Goals, Developing a Written Career Plan
Module 3 Understanding the Workplace, What Employers Want, Workplace Etiquette and Culture, Understanding Workplace Laws, Regulations and Employment Forms, Workplace Safety
Module 4 Critical Soft Skills, Communication Style Assessment, Communication in the Workplace, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution & Assertiveness Training, Dining Etiquette, Navigating Transportation, Time Management
Module 5 Getting a Job, Resume, References, Applications & Cover Letters, Job Search Techniques, Networking & Social Networking, Interviewing
Module 6 Retention & Advancement, Office Skills, Customer Service, Public Speaking, Building Your Personal Brand, Networking to Advance
Module 7 Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship vs. Traditional Employment, Writing a Business Plan, Marketing Your Business
Module 8 Financial Literacy, Understanding Paychecks, Managing Personal Finances
Module 9 Closing, Recap of All Modules, Post-assessment, Wrap-up and Trainer Evaluation