Getting Started

YouthWorks makes it easy to explore working with younger employees. If you are not yet convinced of the benefits, you can experiment by participating in the following one-time activities:

Host a Job Tour

YouthWorks arranges on-site visits for motivated young people to companies that match their career interests. As a professional in their field of interest, you can give an inside view and help learn about their dream career.

Call our office at 412-281-6629 to speak with our Program Manager about setting up a Job Tour at your organization.

Host Youth During Job Shadow Week

Open your door and welcome in motivated youth to see first-hand what a day in their dream career might be like. You can also inspire them to take critical steps to the education and preparation needed to be successful.

Participate in Mock Interviews through JumpStart Success

Volunteer a few hours of your time to interview youth who have participated in JumpStart Success - YouthWorks' job-readiness and career exploration program. These youth have participated in our comprehensive 18-hour training. Volunteer professionals in the business community can help them pull all of the information together by providing a mock interview experience to prepare them for their careers.

Be a Speaker at a Cool Hot Jobs Workshop

Become part of our team of volunteer professionals who share insights about in-demand careers in Southwestern Pennsylvania to help youth see the great opportunities that await them if they prepare appropriately. We are looking for volunteers to share information about responsibilities, salaries and educational preparation for a wide range of jobs in fields such as:

- Technology
- Healthcare and medicine
- Manufacturing
- Entrepreneurship
- Marketing and communications
- Engineering
- And more...

Contact Us

If you already know the benefits of working with younger employees, please contact YouthWorks to discuss internships and part-time or full-time positions. Call 412-281-6629 today!